A glance at I2B Technologies Core Values in Practice

I2B Tech stands for Intelligence to Business Technologies. The name of the organization speaks for itself to state that the most valuable asset behind it is its people – the DOERS. A DOER is a person that has both a keen expertise in his own field and that shares with all his coworkers the following seven powerful values: entrepreneurship, perseverance, infinite learning, autonomous, responsible, respectful and honest. DOERS enter the office with a smile and greet everybody, help out when it is needed, know that you can always reach out for help, don’t judge others but help them improve, are eager to learn, work rigorously and always give the best of them. Why? Because they know the great impact they are making and that they are helping business to make the world a better place via the path of Digital Transformation. Being a DOER extends far beyond work life and could even be seen as a lifestyle. I2B Tech has a flat organizational structure with a company dynamism of a new brick as it bets on the intelligence of its people rather than position titles meaning that everybody is responsible for the success of the organization.

Breaking down the journey of a DOER to discover how ones put in practice the values:

Infinite Learners want to be at the forefront of new technologies and ways to improve business. Going to or even holding I2Learn seminars to learn about the newest technologies that other DOERS are already implementing, joining the KINDLE club of reading and commenting new books on a monthly basis, reaching out for help when in need and ask for them to teach you their techniques and rationale and vice versa.


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The entrepreneurial spirit means to find creative solutions to problems. The key idea behind lies in the innovative, motivating, passionate, daring even dreamy search to confront complex challenges. To be open-minded and think big. Everybody can have breakthrough ideas and if you manage to form an internal team that believes in it, you can actually bring it alive. That is how the Startup Lab of I2B Technologies came – almost organically – to place.

Autonomy is crucial and is a synonym for proactivity. Being an organization of the XXIst century, it believes that change starts with activists. It means that you have a whole team of DOERS that believe in and bet on your knowledge and skills and will always be ready to have your back and provide the required help. DOERS don’t compete against each other.

Responsibility and perseverance are a sense of self-discipline in which you are aware of your actions and are always prepared to give your best. That you think upfront of the possible outcomings, with an always customer-centric mindset and that will do whatever it takes to achieve the objectives.

Honesty and respect are a must. I2B Technologies praises failure. Everybody makes mistakes, but the path to learning from them is to confess them. That way not only you will get the chance of learning from them, but as well others. Honesty means to speak out your ideas, even if they can create uncomfortable situations whilst respecting the one of the others.
These 7 values are the essence of I2B Technologies and are the core recipe to creating brilliant teams. Finally, if you feel like you are or want to be a DOER than you have to know that the recruitment process is scrutiny designed to find it out!

– Carmen Haider Garcia – Intern in consulting