Life at I2B

A great culture is the result of a clear purpose,
solid values and great people

Purpose: our golden circle

why [ why do we get up every day to work?

We believe that great business leads to a better world

how [ how do we push those businesses to make a better world?

Transforming business models into experiences that contribute to improving users’ quality of life

what [ what do we do to transform those businesses?

We develop exceptional digital customer-centric experiences and lay the foundation for accelerated innovation

Creator of Golden Circle: Simon Sinek

Values: what guides us

We are restless, and that's why we make things happen. We are DOERS! We strive to solve problems in a simple and evolutionary way, always with the end users and their needs in mind.


We are innovative, passionate, creative, motivated, daring and dreamers. We are DOERS!


We are people who support each other and never give up until we achieve our goal, no matter the difficulties.

Infinite Learners

We are people who question everything and never tire of learning new things.


We are proactive people, who do things as a team and without waiting for someone to tell us to do them.


We are professionals who do our job well and prepare ourselves for any challenge.


We care about others, and treat them always in a friendly way. We know that we're all equal.


We say what we think. Even when it can generate uncomfortable situations, because we know it's for the greater good.

People: the doers

We are more than 100 professionals, constantly learning, eager to transform your business

We are a team of entrepreneurs who make things happen

We like challenges and to be at the forefront of new technologies

Benefits for
a doer


  • One month of vacations per year
  • Free books
  • Cool office
  • Unlimited unpaid vacation
  • Out of country projects

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