Goodbye Itubitians, welcome to the Doers

In the context of this “working” 2019 that just begins I want to wish you the best for what is to come. I sincerely hope that it will be a great year both personally and professionally. I also hope that I2B will contribute in both aspects as much as possible. That will be a challenge for everyone.

Of all of us because we spend a lot of time of our lives in I2B. We give a lot of ourselves to the place where we work. It better be the perfect place for us so it can fulfill our personal and professional aspirations! We have that responsibility to ourselves. Period. Assuming that hypothesis as correct, is it our responsibility to make I2B that place a perfect place, or are we going to let someone else take over “managing” the perfect place for oneself? Following the line of thought, if it is my responsibility to help build the perfect workplace, why don’t I do something concrete to help that happen? Why don’t I sit down with my co-workers to think about how I can help, with my little grain of sand, to make I2B the best place to work? Why don’t we articulate what that place could be and all of us set ourselves the goal of making that a reality?

When I thought about this topic I asked myself, what kind of person would be able to think like that?, what would that person be like, one who would see the problem from that perspective?, how could I find them?, with whom could I build that perfect place?, and who could help to execute that plan impeccably?

As you can deduce, there is not a single answer to those questions, nor is there a magic formula for finding those people. All I knew was that they should surely be people who make things happen. That, having the same dream, they wouldn’t expect things to happen on their own, but that they would take an active role in making their dreams come true. In other words, a Doer.

Doers are those people who know that by making things happen, they can change the status quo of whatever they want. They are those people who, if it has only one north, go and don’t rest until they get there. That if they agree on what is an excellent place to work, they group together, define a plan and execute it without resting until they achieve their objective. But for that to happen, the Doers must have certain values that regulate their behavior and allow them to be sure that, in the face of a given situation, they will act in the manner required to pass through any adversity that comes their way. And in good shape.

With that premise in mind I started to think how we should be the Doers of I2B. What values we should have and what things we should care about. And with a small team we came to the conclusion that the I2B Doers should have the following characteristics:

  1. Entrepreneurs: We are innovative, passionate, creative, motivated, daring and dreamers. We have that passion that makes us do the things we set out to do. We cross a psychological barrier that prevents most people from achieving their dreams and we don’t leave that responsibility to anyone but ourselves.
  2. Infinite Learners: We understand that there are people in the world who are smarter than us and that we are not the best at what we do. We know that if we want to achieve our goal, we have to improve. We 100% agree that in order to improve you have to learn and in order to learn you have to study. We value experience, but not over the ability to learn new things, which we then apply because we make things happen. We are people who question everything and do not get tired of learning new things.
  3. Self-employed: When there is something we know needs to be done, we do it without asking anyone. In order to know what to do, we talk and discuss things openly. We get a deep idea of the problems and then we solve them without a doubt. We are not impetuous, because we understand that mistakes cost us all dearly, but rather analytical and resolute in finding the solution to problems. We are proactive, working as a team without waiting for someone to tell us what to do.
  4. Responsibles: We know that we have the obligation to give the best of ourselves. We understand it this way because we are able to establish the relationship between work of excellence and personal and professional success. We know that in order to achieve the company that makes us happy, we must give our best and work as a team. We are aware that not doing so directly affects the happiness of a group of people who do believe in the project and are here working to make it a reality. We are professionals and we do our job well.
  5. Respectful: We care about our co-workers. We know them and we know what makes them uncomfortable and what doesn’t. We do our best not to inconvenience the majority with our actions. We are able to tell ourselves the things that bother us so that the other can try to minimize the actions that cause that discomfort. When we say things to each other, we listen to them and accept them with a high-mindedness, making a conscious effort to improve them. We understand that the general good is the well-being of all and we make a sincere effort to contribute to achieving it. If we don’t believe in that, we step aside and join another project in which we create more. We care about others, we treat them well and we know that we are all the same.
  6. Honest: We are honest with ourselves, our team and our internal and external clients. We say things face to face. If we make a mistake, we accept it and try to correct it. If we don’t want to work on a project, a client or I2B, we say so and we take charge. We don’t just wait forever for things to change when we’re not happy. We say what we think, even if it’s uncomfortable for some to hear.
  7. Persevering: We don’t give up on the goals we set. In spite of the difficulties, in spite of what happens or stops happening. We continue in our goal of fulfilling what we set out to do. We know that those who persevere are more likely to fulfill their dreams, we act accordingly and help those who make mistakes. We know that the only way to grow and move forward is to accept our mistakes and failures. We accept it, we internalize it and we move forward in pursuit of our group objective.

All these characteristics are those of an I2B Doer. And they are not exclusive, but rather inclusive because they are learned, trained and can be promoted in all of us. These characteristics put us all in the same dimension and demand that we improve who we are and what we do every day.

This 2019 will be my focus on making everyone feel, see and act that way. I hope to rise to the challenge.

Good luck for 2019 and long live the Doers ¡!