Traditional sales support technology

The traditional sales channel has always been characterized by being very difficult to address. The current model involves sending hundreds of salespeople to visit each store more than 4 times a month. Not everyone can organize the necessary sales teams or solve the channel’s own logistical problems. In addition to this, any change in business strategy, market behavior, or what the competition is doing can strongly impact the sales channel.

The ability to adapt quickly to these changes is key to get ahead, and for this, it is important to know the buying behavior of a store and its consumers. Imagine selling and distributing more than a thousand products. Within this entire catalog there are certainly articles that achieve better penetration towards customers, but there are also other products that according to their own seasonality have very clear changes in behavior. If within your catalog you are looking to distribute batteries and batteries for toys, the behavior throughout the year changes drastically. With the holidays and gifts, it is clear that the sale of this product should increase. Few good sellers are instinctively able to detect these opportunities within a catalog of a thousand products. Moreover, it is common that the distribution company does not detect these opportunities or take the necessary actions to supply well to the stores of this product.


You Order Me: transforming data into action

3 uses of data science in marketing campaigns

In YOM we deal directly with this problem, and to achieve this we analyze large amounts of data. A company’s sales data stores more information than what is visible to the naked eye. 1 to 1 customer analysis is not trivial and requires both mathematical models and large computing capabilities. Our product to resolve this issue focuses on the generation of baskets at the customer level, and seeks both to take care of the mix within the warehouse and introduce new products with high probability of purchase. For a salesperson it is very useful to have an “assistant” that helps to improve the supply of the clients. At the same time, companies are able to establish a channel where they can channel their strategies without the need for contests or training to the seller.

A new product, for example, may appear directly in the customer’s basket and the salesperson, working with the methodology, will look for the introduction of the product in the customers with greater probability of success. In this way, sales strategies begin to be individualized, and discounts and personalized promotions can even be defined at the customer level.

YOM’s services can be directly integrated into customers’ existing sales systems. We do not seek to change your technology or necessarily introduce an organizational change. Depending on the case we recommend, to our experience, the best way to implement the methodology of shopping baskets. A direct way to start working in this way is to use our sales App YOM for sellers. It corresponds to an interface designed directly to view each customer’s basket and even enter orders directly.