The culture of I2B: we are DOERs

Many times the words “organizational culture” are misused or is a concept that is not given the seriousness it deserves. It is a key element within an organization, which not only defines the style and behavior of the people who work within it, but also the beliefs of the company, its ideology, principles and values.

At I2B we cannot expect our clients to love our company if those of us who work inside do not love it first.

A well integrated culture achieves:

1- Establish how I2B collaborators interact with each other.

2- To unite all the collaborators, independent of their previous studies and experiences.

3- That all collaborators work in a better way.

4-That the working environment is better.

For all these reasons, culture is such an important element within I2B, since it defines the way of working, the relationship between workers and the north of the company.

Golden Circle of I2B

To achieve our goals at I2B, we first define what our north is, our goal, our reason why we do what we do.

To do this, we rely on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle tool. He explains that people (customers) don’t buy what companies do but buy why they do it. Therefore, based on this tool we clearly define why I2B, referring to why we do what we do, what we believe in, which is our north. Then we define the how, which explains how we do what we do. And finally we define what, referring to what we do.

WHY: We believe that great business equals a better world.

HOW: Transforming business models into experiences that contribute to improving the quality of life of its users.

WHAT: We develop exceptional customer-centric digital journeys and lay the foundation for accelerated innovation.

Values of a DOER

Our culture is the guide with which we define and identify the values of the people we want to be within the company. These values guide and align us in all our daily tasks and business objectives, also help us to have clear how to find new collaborators. The sum of these seven values forms a DOER, who is exactly the type of person we want within I2B.

The values of I2B make up the DOERs, who we are:

-Entrepreneurs: We are innovators, passionate, creative, motivated, daring and dreamers. We are Doers.

-Persevering: We are people who do not loosen until we achieve the goal. Regardless of the difficulties or distractions of this, we are able to support our team to achieve the goal.

-Infinite Learners: We are people who question everything. We know that we don’t have all the answers and that’s fine, but when we understand this, we don’t stay calm and act to know and learn.

-Self-employed: We are people who do things without waiting for someone to tell us to do them. We understand the vision of the company, and we are concerned that it becomes a reality in a proactive way and as a team.

Responsible: We are professionals who do our job well, being optimally prepared for work challenges and to fulfill -in a neat way- our duty, especially understanding that we work with a team that depends on us. We are punctual and present ourselves professionally to the client.

-Respectful: We are people who care about what bothers or worries our co-workers, and we treat them in a friendly and respectful manner. We understand that we are a team and that we are all the same.

Honest: We are people who say what we think, even though it may create an uncomfortable situation. We do it because we know that there is a greater good behind it. We talk constantly with our team, give feedback and receive constructive criticism as a way to improve.