The value of learning by doing

As many of you know, the week of April 15, Arturo Quiroz, Max Klapp I were in New York at an Artificial Intelligence conference. In it we were able to learn about the latest trends in AI dn the world and realize, with pride, that what we are doing in I2B, YOM and Rexys are at the same level as what was presented in that conference. Kudos to everyone for that ¡!

Regarding what we saw at the conference, Max and Arturo are going to give us a presentation of what is relevant so that everyone can know what we saw. They will let us know when they will do it so that they can register and participate in that conversation and learning.

But I wanted to talk to them about other things…those things that happen when you travel and disconnect from your day to day to concentrate on something different. Those things that appear when one has more time to think and reflect about what surrounds us, and to which we are exposed every day of our lives. That’s what this letter is all about, I tell you:

One day, I decided to invite Arturo and Max to Blue Note, a jazz club emblematic of New York and where the greatest figures of world jazz have played. I invited them because it seems to me that when you’re somewhere else, you have the “obligation” to go to those places that have forged the personality of that city, and the Blue Note is one of them for New York. On that day, a band from a well-known jazz school in New York was playing. The set up was next: The teacher who conducted the orchestra had chosen the best students and had taken them to play in one of the most important places in the world. To this party were invited the directors of the school, heroes of world jazz and responsible for educating the most important talents in the world of music. In addition, there were many people who had paid their entrance fee to go and see them. They could not fail.

The teacher, with almost perfect delicacy, led them through a process of learning how to make music in the cathedral of world jazz. The boys, no more than 24 years old, played like never before. They surely made mistakes in time, strength, intonation and coordination, but for all of us they were imperceptible. It’s very likely that everyone was nervous and unsure of being able to rise to the occasion, but none failed to do their best on that stage. For those of us in the audience it was a remarkable experience, which confirms the idea that when you give your best, the result is always good. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake during the process.

In that orchestra there was a guitarist, a boy from Slovakia who had gone to New York to study jazz pursuing the dream of being a musician. The teacher highlighted him several times and told his story saying that he was one of the best who had gone through that school, coming from a country where jazz hardly existed. The guy found his passion, left his comfort zone and went to get into the most demanding and competitive place in the world in his field. Remarkable, quite a Doer.

Talking with Arturo and Max, we reflected on how valuable the experience was for these young musicians. How important it will be for their career to have played in the cathedral of jazz, and how the world of jazz would be better after that night. Even if it’s a little bit.

I wanted to tell you this story because I see a lot of similarity with what we are doing at I2B, YOM and Rexys.

We’re looking for the best professionals and putting together a business model that allows them to try, in important clients, how things are done. We are also constantly encouraging learning so that when they go to “play their instruments on those clients” they have more tools and the error, which is very likely to happen, is not so big. In addition, we are generating discussion instances so that we can learn from our mistakes and make sure that we never make them again. We have people in the company with experience that can guide them on that path and we are counting on everything with sincerity so that they understand the business in which we are, how we create value and what is the role of each one in this complex puzzle. However, if you don’t pursue your dreams, if you don’t open up to new things, if you don’t make your work your passion, if you leave your comfort zone and focus on doing the hard part, we will never get where we want to go. Paralleling the history of jazz, we will never be able to be the Blue Note if our musicians don’t take the risk and play the way that is expected of them when the time comes.

I invite you to reflect on this. There is no better way to improve than by doing. You are all prepared to do whatever it takes in our field of action, and if you are inexperienced, you have the ability to learn and execute by understanding where we are going. I know, because they are all Doers who are making a better world with their work. Even a little bit.