Our advantage

The way we are structured to resolve our clients’ most diverse business requirements

Digital innovation is the engine behind great transformations


We want you to see I2B as the partner that will lead you to make a qualitative leap in the way you do business. Our value does not only appear in the genesis and implementation of an idea, but also in our permanent support, which extends far beyond the date of delivery of each project.

Our vision of service is based on four pillars

Data Science

In I2B we help our partners to achieve maximum competitiveness, using their data and developing mathematical algorithms that allow the automation of processes, cognitive insights, or improvements in the experience of their customers.

Some common use cases:

How do we do it?
Through an iterative methodology based on experimentation, we manage to find relevant insights that lead us to test a solution until it adapts to the needs of the client, and generates a real and measurable impact on the company.

Ready-to-deploy products

Through a monthly fee we offer solutions endorsed by many other clients, which, using IA of quick implementation, help in the reduction of costs or in the increase of the sales of each company.

  • Recommendation systems (Rexys): optimise conversion rates on your website using AI algorithms by dynamically making your content available and learning how your visitors interact with your business.
  • Reccomended ordering system (YOM): use artificial intelligence to improve the business relationship between supplier companies and small stores through vendor recommendation systems, customer connectivity and management of key indicators.
  • Customer Win Back: discover which customers to direct your efforts to bring them back once they have fled, predicting who is more likely to return through our machine learning model.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: predict the future purchases of your customers, the amount of these transactions and how long they will last with your company, unifying everything in the future value of each of your customers.



Strategic consulting services that align business’s objectives with the technological capabilities of companies in order to take full advantage of new technologies and the possibilities they provide.
Digital Transformation: Define the best path to digital transformation by understanding the particular capabilities of your company. We highlight the key projects that will allow you to eliminate risks in the journey towards digitalization.
Define & Design: Define and design technological projects that maximize value for your company and minimize the risk of execution. Align your project’s business objectives and know what variables to measure in order to ensure success.
Innovation based on data insights: We seek to improve the effectiveness of the company in achieving its business objectives, by maximizing the strategic value of both data and economic benchmarks.
Business & Digital Enablement: Develop your digital products from the creation of a business model to its development in digital platforms. We help you put together the work team and establish how you will execute your new online business.
Product / Market Fit: We want your customers to adopt your product as quickly as possible. Using growth hacking and agile methodologies, through rapid prototypes and proof of concept, we achieve the expected use of your product in less time. This, in turn, promotes learning during the process. Finally, it is also a way of introducing innovation capacity into your company, even if faced with resistance to cultural change.

Software Development

We develop technology projects that solve business problems, ensuring time-to-market and software quality.
Development of platforms and systems: We execute software engineering projects with methodologies that meet the level of maturity of your company, i.e. agile methodologies that accelerate adoption and reduce the risk of exposing a product or improvement that does not generate the expected value; or alternative methodologies in the case of companies that do not have experience in agile methodologies. We help you stay on track.
Development of systems integrations: We execute highly complex system integration projects to improve the efficiency of your organization by automating processes that allow your company to grow.

Marketing focused on Data Science

Inbound Marketing: We provide value throughout the visibility, attraction and loyalty of users on the website of our clients, through:

  • Content generation
  • Execution of organic positioning strategies (SEO)
  • Presence in RRSS and paid positioning (SEM)
  • Lead generation
  • Web Analytics
  • Brand positioning campaigns


Automation of user experience with the company: We generate a journey to establish the channel’s touch points in order to automate follow-up actions based on audience generation and customer interactions, improving their experience.
Customer Winback: We address the reactivation of runaway customers by seeking to predict who is most likely to reactivate B2B business.
Account-based marketing strategy (ABM): Using the data collected, the value of customers is modeled through the Customer Lifetime Value, which allows us to know which are the most valuable customers to focus the strategy on them and similar potential customers.

Our Add-Value Model

Our experience in the implementation of successful digital transformation projects allows us to understand the problems that affect your industry. The prestige we have obtained is a consequence of a methodological work method based on four pillars -Consulting, Software Development, Evolution and Data Science- that give a solid foundation to the projects in which we participate. In other words, the right business decision that solves and improves the experience between your company and users.

We can help you with the challenges of your Business